The Whites are Here and There

[photo: Hollywood by: adriandanganan. licence CC]

Whitewashing; it is when in a movie, TV show or any other production a PoC is played by a White person. This usually happens when companies want to attract more public to their product, so they assign the role to well know Hollywood actors. This happens so much that it is almost normal. Which is alarming, because if someone is going to make a biographical movie about Obama, I’m sure he doesn’t want Leonardo DiCaprio to play his character.

The ones to blame are the studios and the actors. This is not about talent, this is about taking characters you can play. Most of these actors are great, but that doesn’t give them the right to be in roles that don’t belong to them.

The sad part is that this continues to happen. For example, have you seen the cast for Marvel’s next movie, Doctor Strange? Marvel made an amazing change in gender swapping the Ancient One, but they did something terrible. Marvel casted Tilda Swinton a British actress for the Ancient One character who is Tibetan. Yay Marvel! Ruining everything good you do.

[Marvel Entertainment]

Also, here is a video from John Oliver where he talks about whitewashing, it’s very interesting, go and watch it.


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